Exploring Life Through a Camera Lens

Exploring life through a camera lens features examples of a variety of photographs taken as an amateur photo journalist.

These 10 photographs of an eagle in flight after catching a largemouth bass were all shot in sequence within one minute.

As an amateur photo journalist, the breathtaking experience was not fully appreciated until viewed on a big screen.

Some of the photos are off center or slightly out of focus. Each is original, not cropped, and reduced to 640 pix wide.

Creative History in Art

jim degerstrom profile photo
Jim Degerstrom
My creative history in art began drawing pictures as a child and then art school later, yet remained a lifelong hobby.

Military experience led to 30 years in high tech electronics with web design as a hobby which I now do full time.

Producing custom graphics for web design projects is a creative outlet, and amateur photography is the new hobby.

As in most creative things I do, the concept of continuous improvement drives me to keep getting better results.

More Places and Things

I will continue adding new content with more places and things from over 10,000 photos I’ve taken, and more to come.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so don’t expect lengthy explanations as I leave visitors to their imagination.

Please Note: All photographs are ©copyright Jim Degerstrom and may not be used without prior written permission.