Site Conversion and Redesign

website makeover bonfire graphic Over 500+ pages of content were scrapped from this website for custom web design and graphic art to make way for this site conversion and redesign.

I will continue to offer custom mobile web design services from my replacement commercial site that launched in 2012.

Web designs I offer have evolved from static pages more than 15 years ago part time.

Business grew to full time including custom cms content management systems in 2004.

From there it advanced to rwd responsive and custom mobile web designs since 2012.

The newer websites retain elements of static and cms, yet display well on smartphones, tablets, or desktop.

More importantly, the design technique means you only need ONE set of state-of-the-art code for all those devices.

Visit my site for Custom mobile or rwd web design to learn more about the core business.

Unlike the old website, I will no longer offer custom graphic art services except to new or existing web design clients.

New content planned for this website will be more personal than commercial.

The site name is my name. The slogan is “Personal and Professional Life Experiences”.

Stay tuned as new material is added to complete the site conversion and redesign.