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  • You are a lifesaver, Jim. Thanks for the artwork.

  • Lynda:

    Thank you Jim, this is very generous of you, and very helpful. Who knows where this will take my business.

  • thanks a lot, was looking around the web for this and i am glad i reached here,
    thanks once again…

  • 2cents:

    Wow, great design and very kind of you to put it out there. Thanks so much!

  • Jim:

    Thank you….I’ve used the 2010 and now the 2011 business card calendars on my homemade business cards. People comment on how professional they look and that they really like the fact that the current calendar in on the back for quick reference. Thank you again!!!

  • Valia:

    Much appreciated. Searched all around till I came unto your gracious gift.

  • angela:

    Thank You for taking the time to do these. It is much appreciated.

  • Hi Jim – thanks for the generous free download. We will be using the calendar design to help promote Carers Action Worcestershire, our new 24/7 helpline for unpaid carers. As a charity we rely on the kindness of strangers!

  • Smoke Fan:

    This is great I looked for this last year and could not find one. Thank you for providing these.

  • Rande Bronson:

    This is just great. I’ve been looking all over trying to find software for Business Card Calendars. Yours is the only one I’ve found that is simple. I use it with WordPerfect and is works swell.


  • Thank you. I used this download last year and I’m happy to have stumbled into your web site again. With all best wishes for continued success, thanks again.

  • THANK YOU!!!! Have a Merry Christmas and prosperous new year!!!

  • Jim thank you so much for kindly sharing this with the world. I searched and searched for a free wallet size calendar and had almost attempted to design one myself would have probably taken days or even weeks. I am using the calendars in thank you cards for customers who have supported my business this year. Again, thanks for saving me the time and aggrevation of trying to design this calendar myself. Be Blessed!

  • Barbb:

    Jim, thank you! I used this calendar last year and I am happy to have it this year also. It is a very readable calendar with no fuss. Merry Christmas to you and a safe and healthful New Year!

  • angel:

    Thanku so much Jim!!!
    your the best!

  • Just letting everyone know I really DO appreciate the feedback and best wishes to all for a great 2011! Bookmark this page and 2012 cards will be announced here and in a new post next August.

  • Mark Levy:

    This is great! My older version of Print Artist had a “perpertual calendar” template, but that was long ago and far away- your’s is a great tool- Thanks!!!

  • Don White:

    Thanks, Jim. Great download….

  • Vicki:

    Thank you! This is so helpful!!!

  • I would like to appreciate you for sharing the 2011 calendar with your audiences.

  • Thanks so much for the calendars! It is very sweet to share something that took a lot of time to make!

  • Thanks, Jim! After 10 minutes of searching for a free wallet calendar, I found your website. Your calendar is so professional looking and fits my wallet perfectly. Can’t thank you enough. I will tell all my friends about it.

  • Satbahadur:

    Last year I saw same type of calendar but it was not to be found any more now your Business Card Size is perfect. I like it and saved the zip file. Thanks

  • Jim Borecky:

    Sure beats re-inventing the wheel! Wonderful pieces – thanks!
    Jim B.

  • Bob Dykeman:

    This is just what I’d hoped to find – works great with Avery 8371 template for their 8879 business card blanks in Word. Made up copies for wife and kids. Thanks very much!

  • neila:

    this is the first time i’ll be using this template. does it print out on the card like it’s supposed to? i’ll be using word starter 2010, so i’m not sure how it works.

  • Vinny Lee:

    Thanks very much, this will help me when I’m designing the back of a biz card for the family restaurant. I have the front, logo, details etc. Just need something like this for the back. I will be tweaking things in Photoshop/Illustrator. I will give your page a tweet too, :) Hope the summer treats you well.

  • Dear Jim!

    Thank you so much for the awesome calendars!


  • Loving the Artwork, thanks for sharing!

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