Custom Blogger Template Design

View web design services of custom blogger template design with custom graphics to match your small business website. The free blog templates included when you first register are limited, so matching your main website is impractical. However, order any custom web design and receive a $100 discount for the matching integrated blog.

NOW: View CMS template demo and custom Blogger web design demo pages and see actual custom cms web design and Blogger template work in progress in the demo section. Links in demo site are all internal in preparation for actual cms or blog launch.

Blogger Templates and Graphics to Match Your Website

My core business is custom web design of small business websites. View web design services of custom blogger template design with custom graphics to match your small business website. Small business owners may now have a custom blog to add fresh content to their commercial website at an affordable price. New blogger templates custom designed from the Small Business Resource Center were introduced in May 2007 to match the web design color scheme for exisiting customer websites.

Here’s what you get: The package includes a custom new blogger template with matching graphics, and a 15 page personalized blogger tutorial in PDF format to help you start making blog posts. In addition, I take care of registration to promotional services, promotional tools, preprogrammed labels, and copy and paste tags. You get more than a blogger template. Installation is included. My price for custom blogger templates starts at $350 USD.

Custom WordPress Theme Pricing Introduced

Update: View details on custom WordPress Theme and Blogger design pricing here.

Masterson Construction, Lakewood CA – Custom Blogger Design

Blog address:

screenshot of general contractor blog layout

Mannion Custom Painting, Cumming GA – Custom Blogger Design

Blog address:

screenshot of custom painting company blog layout

Reasons to Become a Small Business Blogger

Some of my custom web design clients call me the “Blog Preacher” because a few start their blog and then neglect to make posts for weeks, or months. With the discipline to write 1-2 paragraphs of original quality advice each week, the value and importance competing with other websites can improve your web design and help your business.

Here are 3 top reasons for starting a small business blog:

1. The search engines love fresh content and they reward web designs with blogs.
2. Only 5% of small business website designs have blogs giving you competitive advantage.

3. Each post is a new site page, and you can do it without learning code.

A custom blog to match your custom web design is value for money for a professional look, so take advantage of my services for a custom website design, matching graphic, and integrated blogger template. The results in new search engine traffic can be amazing.

Do you want a new blogger layout with a custom matching template or a custom web design for your small business? For a prompt website review or custom design quote, please contact me by email with your main website www address.

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