Trifold Brochure Design Services

Different Styles and Examples of Trifold Brochure Designs

The standard size 8 1/2 × 11 inch trifold brochure is a popular marketing tool for full color mailers or handhouts. The examples on this page are in low resolution, and the actual print quality is crisp and clean for that “wow” first impression. Full color custom designs are made suitable for mailing, and yet still attractive for countertop or as handouts.

Trifold brochure design service examples are shown in full color as both standard 8-1/2 × 11 and custom size graphic art. The examples below are for a disaster recovery company and a real estate property management company. If you need help designing in house, visit the trifold brochure tutorial for illustrated advice.

Example of trifold brochure artwork Example of trifold brochure artwork
Note: These are usually printed on 100# glossy text paper, similar to high quality catalog pages.

A Larger Alternate Design with a Unique Fold is Available

This 8 1/2 × 14 tri-fold brochure was created for an audiologist as a mailer, and the custom trifold includes one smaller panel that folds over the top leaving a space to tape it closed (just under the mailing label). Send your specifications for standard or custom layouts, and contact me by email for a prompt reply or quote.

Example of custom trifold brochure artwork

QUESTIONS? I don’t sell printing but contact me by email to learn about a special price agreement that I negotiated with the owner of a large 4-color printing company that may save you money. Wholesale pricing is offered to my clients if I do their artwork!

Shop for price, and then email me if 5000 trifold brochures for $500 sounds attractive (no setup costs). Note: Folding included. Tax and freight paid to the printer and artwork fee to me (starting at $150) are additional.

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