Business Card Design Services

Business card design services are displayed in full color with custom logos, and a variety of photo business cards. Standard cards are 3-1/2 × 2 in UV coated or glossy, so with low cost and affordable graphic art. Once you accept a quote and payment is made, most proofs are emailed within 24 hours for review and approval or suggestions for change.

Professional Cards for Less Than Homemade Inkjet Copies

New technology in printing and digital graphics has evolved in the last 5 years, and small business owners should consider a full color custom business card, including photos front and back. If you have an established or startup company and settle for single color or 2-color cards, please reconsider.

Do-it-yourself may be more expensive than you realize.

The cost of inkjet printer cartridges and peel off blanks, plus your time, can well exceed $400 to $500 in one year. A batch of 4-color, 2 sided business cards just 5 years ago would have cost $1000. Use my source, and you can have 5,000 full color cards for less than $200, including artwork. What happened in 5 years?

Full color is more affordable for two reasons: 1) no more costly set up fees, and 2) single flat art has replaced (expensive) 4 piece color separated artwork. Here are some examples of my designs, and see 50 more business card examples on the next page:

title company custom business card artwork manufacturer custom business card artwork real estate custom business card artwork
clown custom business card artwork security custom business card artwork automotive custom business card artwork

Note: I don’t sell printing, but I have an agreement with a large printing company who offers my clients wholesale pricing.
Get 5,000 UV cards for around $90, including tax and freight, and artwork from me for as little as $100.

Making a Positive First Impression with Your Business Card

Whether in print or online, your first encounter with a customer needs to meet my “5 Second Rule”: You have 5 seconds to get a prospect’s attention, otherwise they leave or your card ends up in the trash. A gorgeous business card (or web site) may be the edge you need to overcome your competition. Here are more examples of my work:

bridal shop custom business card artwork tax accountant custom business card artwork real estate custom business card artwork
mortgage custom business card artwork auto collision business card artwork auto sales custom business card artwork

What Makes Me Different?

Unlike some designers, when you order artwork from me You Keep the Artwork! If that seems unimportant at first, consider what some clients experience. Often I’m asked to reproduce an existing design because the small business owner doesn’t have the artwork, and the designer closed, moved, or worse.

Protect Your Investment! Having artwork filed away on your computer or a CD, you have the freedom to shop around, and you won’t stay awake nights worried about me getting struck by lightning or that little red truck!

REMINDER: I don’t sell printing but contact me by email to learn about a special price agreement that I negotiated with the owner of a large 4-color printing company that may save you money. Wholesale pricing is offered to my clients if I do their artwork!

Shop for price, then contact me if 5000 full color 2-sided UV finished cards for around $90 sounds attractive (including tax and freight). Artwork is additional and paid to me separately, starting at $100.

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Free Calendar Artwork

Free 2012 calendar business card artwork ready to print.
free business card calendar download
(Includes plain, marble, and granite, plus 3 NEW versions)