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View graphic art of custom logo design examples in vector art for your corporate image in print or for your website. Web design for small business is my primary business.

Advice for a Quality Logo and Protecting Your Corporate Image

Having a catchy logo that is memorable is key to creating a positive marketing identity. Often small business owners have a nice logo or symbol to represent their “corporate image”, only to find the original designer closed, moved, or worse. It’s important to work with a designer who will give you a digital copy of your artwork, so you are protected in the event of catastrophe and need new print or online materials created.

The secret to a quality piece of artwork is designing with a vector graphics software program. Many home computers include various graphics programs, and some new small business owners try getting creative in order to minimize cost. This can be a disaster. What you create in most programs is 3-color art which is fine for the internet, however, to have a professional printer create marketing materials, they must have 4-color art. Most low end software cannot handle that.

Here are a few examples of fancier logo or symbol designs that I created in vector art using Xara Xtreme:
Group of various logos done in vector art
Note: Nearly every logo throughout this site was redrawn from scratch for best print quality (no scanned images).

The Difference Between RGB 3-Color and CMYK 4-Color Processes

In short, RGB (Red-Green-Blue) creates a variety of colors by combining 3 colored dots in combinations that can result in more than 16 million colors. It looks great on an illuminated computer monitor, but will be rejected by most print shops. The professional process is CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black) which uses 4 dots to create one dot of color. In addition to being able to create art in 4-color CMYK, the resolution for print media must be at least 300dpi whereas online graphics may be low resolution (down to 72dpi). Here are examples:

Finished Apex logo, and version in separated pieces

Note: The artwork is drawn as a variety of elements and shapes that are precisely combined to get the finished effect. Even the individual letters can be separated as pieces to make up the finished artwork. Here’s another:

Finished Indian logo, and version in separated pieces

The Solution for High Quality Graphics

Vector graphics software allows full control of artwork for the web or print. Some programs average $500 to $1000 to get professional results. Fortunately, competition and new products has allowed some companies to offer lower cost alternatives to Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, and others. My personal choice is Xara Xtreme which is less than $100 and equivalent to some of the more expensive ones in performance, yet easy for the beginner. Most vector graphics programs take weeks to learn and months (or years) to master.

QUESTIONS? If you need graphic art advice, a new logo design or redesign including small business web design, please email me for a prompt reply and quote.

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