Web Design Services Price List

The custom web design, cms, and blog order info price list of services has pricing for web design related projects. Need artwork? Find graphic art design pricing here.

Advanced CMS Package Price List – Client Managed Websites

These custom package CMS website designs are for customers who want to manage content on their small business website. Each CMS, or Content Management System, allows you to add, edit, or delete web design content without learning website code. The prices are average starting price and may vary depending on special options:

$1500 for custom Forum or Message Board web design
$2500 for custom CMS Content Management System web design
$3900 for CMS custom E-Commerce Online Store web design
$4500 for CMS custom Real Estate Content Management System
$4900 for CMS custom Main Site with Online Store web design

Note: The Advanced Package web design price includes a custom look and initial setup, and the client will be given resources for learning how to load and manage web design content for their website. Advanced training options will be discussed prior to accepting your custom web design project.

Customer managed website designs include installation, technical setup, customized template, and custom graphics color scheme, plus preloading a reasonable number of properties for real estate sites or products for online stores.

Custom WordPress or Blogger Templates Basic Price

$400.00 for a WordPress custom theme with custom graphics
$350.00 for the Blogger template and custom graphics
Rates may vary for special requirements. See custom WordPress and Blogger details here for custom blog design price and advanced options or exceptions.

Standard Price for Custom Static Web Design

$500.00 for the home page static web design (first page)
$250.00 for each additional static web design page
$150.00 for each static page duplicated in a 2nd language
Rates may vary for special web design requirements for a logo, forms, price lists, animation, etc.

Client Reponsibility for Website Content

Clients understand their business better than anyone, so they are responsible for providing web design text content and unique graphics such as a logo or photographs. Custom web graphics to present your corporate image and color scheme are included in the price of your small business web design.

Bilingual sites must be done first in English, and then the client must provide translations for the duplicate pages in the second language.

Special Note About Web Design Text Content

Often web design text content is one of the more difficult aspects of helping your designer. Many small business owners know their business inside and out, but have trouble documenting this information. Writing skills and perfect content or spelling are NOT necessary. For static page text content your custom web design project may only require a list of bullets or phrases that describe what you do and the benefit to your customers. I’ll do the rest.

Custom Web Video Production Pricing

Custom video may include recorded videos or graphic images with special effects for a unique slide show. Screencasts for training videos is another web design option and separate tracks for narration and background music, too. Note: I have purchased royalty rights to a library of business themed instrumental music for all web designs, so consider having music on your video, also.

$300 for up to the first 3 minutes, and then $50 per minute after 3 minutes

General Terms for Website Design Services

Payment in US currency is required in advance of beginning all web design projects, so visit the Ordering Advice page for more details about how I work and tips for providing content. Do not send payment prior to having an agreement with me by email or verbally accepting your small business website design project.

If you have a web design or related requirement and do not see what you need, contact me by email for a prompt quote. Thanks.


AFTER a web design related project agreement is made, you may want the option to pay online. This payment option is ONLY for client website projects that have been accepted and AFTER instructions for payment are emailed to you.

Choices are PayPal or Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover through PayPal.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay for the web design by major credit card. At checkout the shopping cart online store displays your choice to log in to your PayPal account or pay securely by credit card through PayPal. View detailed payment instructions on the Payment Page if needed.

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